Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention

How Can the Curriculum Be Used?

Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention can be used to meet early intervention and early childhood provider training and program needs in a cost-effective, widely accessible, and easily adaptable manner.

The curriculum offers the user:

-Access to Training Materials and Resources

The distance learning format of the curriculum helps to eliminate barriers faced by many providers. The curriculum provides ready access to training materials and resources on evidence-based early intervention practice. The curriculum is available through a standard Internet connection from an office, home, public computer lab, library, hospital, or community based program.

Increased Training Capacity

The curriculum can be used as self-directed individual tutorials, in on-site training sessions, or with groups at remote locations. By eliminating barriers (limited budgets, time away from work, travel restrictions) the curriculum enables state comprehensive systems of personnel development for early intervention and early childhood programs to provide increased educational capabilities and availability.

Curriculum Enhancement

The modules are ideal as a curriculum enhancement for professional pre-service or graduate programs.  With limited room in curricula in all discipline training programs, the modules offer a new way to embed some independent learning content about early intervention. 

Professional Development Opportunities

This curriculum offers early intervention providers the possibility of fulfilling job requirements, maintaining certifications and /or licensure, and exploring professional development opportunities. For a fee those who register for and successfully complete the entire curriculum with a score of 70% or better will be eligible to receive CEU credits awarded through Georgetown University.

Options for Adaptability

Although national in scope, the curriculum is designed for maximum adaptability to meet state or local needs. Materials can be modified to address jurisdiction or provider specific needs. For information about adapting or customizing the curriculum, please contact the Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention project at Georgetown University.

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